Nature and History

 The immense ochre plateau of Anatolia, with the vast depression of the Salt Lake, cut of valleys and dominated by high volcanoes, is the heart of Turkey.

Covered with cereals fields and poplars plantations that dissimulate small villages, this steppe is as harsh as attaching.
Called "the cradle of Civilisations" this plateau is the native earth of many populations as well as their battle fields: in this lands Hattis, Hittites, Phrygians, Galates, Romans, Byzantines, Seldjuks and Ottomans fought each in turn, to establish their domination.

On this tour, we propose you to discover a green and luxurious face of Turkey to which none awaits. This will be also a travel in the time on the Anatolian lands where past civilisations, vestiges, traditions and ritual complete each other.
Itinerary: 15 days

Some interests of this trip are :

Set between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is the meeting point of two continents and of several cultures. Through its most beautiful monuments, we will make you discover his attraction and his fascination.

One of the most beautiful towns of the Black sea coast was called Sesamos in ancient timeswhen it was founded by the Miletians in the sixth century. It stands on a peninsula made by two inlets.

Important provincial centre, this charming city introduces the visitor in the way of eastern live…
Situated inland amid beautiful forest at the foot of mount Ilgaz, this city kept its former monuments; Byzantine castle, mosques seldjuks, museum…

The ancient Abonouteichos, is a typical Black Sea town set in lush greenery displaying may fine examples of traditional Turkish architecture.

This is one of the most beautiful natural harbours of the Black Sea
region. It was founded in the seventh century by Miletian colonists and was the birthplace of the third century philosopher Diogenes de Cynic.

Dominated by the ruins of his thousand-year-old citadel, this peaceful city will seduce you by its grandiose natural setting, the charm of its former wooden abodes and the numerous monuments left by past civilisations.

Bogazkale and Alacahoyuk:
"Anatolia is the intersection of the peoples and the cradle of the civilisation"; these sites, remains of the third millennium are definitely the proof. To see absolutely.

Set at the foot of the majestic mount Erciyes, this city also famous for its mausoleums, knew to keep traces of its strategic position on the caravan road.

The heart of vast anatolian steppe hides a strange land which was born from fire, generated by the ashes of two volcanoes. With its unique geological formations in the world, it is unquestionably the eighth wonder… It became the first settlement of the Christianity…

Chosen by Ataturk to become the capital of the country, this city has today the Turkish government in the strategic heart of Turkey. In an old bazaar transformed into a museum, you will discover a precious collection of handcrafts from Palaeolithic, Neolithic, Hattis, Hittite, Phrygian, ourarteans, Roman… the summary of rich passed.

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