Cappadocia and Taurus Crossing

 With its unique geological formations, Cappadocia is incontestably a phantasm of nature and almost another planet. In the volcanic rock, the wind, the rain and freezing carved during million years, the most confusing decorations. By traversing with foot the paths in this creation of Nature, you will discover the historical richness being added to the curiosity of the landscapes.

The Taurus Mountains form part of the great mountain range that stretches across all of Asia (the Himalayan belt ). In the centre of Taurus, Aladaglar, its calcareous massif which looks like a dolomite, notched deep gorges and canyons, presents a particular geology responsible for interesting rock formations and waterfalls.

Hike in an attractive topography, meet the inhabitants of the villages of these mountains, who maintain their wandering traditions, share with them the "Yaylas" where they pitch their tents each year. Get to know these people and receive their legendary hospitality, some of the highlights of this trip.
Itinerary: 15 days

Day 1 / Ankara:
Meet and transfer to hotel for the night.

Days 2 to 5 / Cappadocia:
4 days hiking through the fairy landscapes of Cappadocia. Our principal halts will be the valleys of Ihlara, Avcilar, Pasabag, Pancarlik, Guvercinlik, Gulludere, Akvadi, which offered refuge to many civilisations. Zelve, cavusin, Goreme, Ortahisar, Urgup, Uchisar: Cave dwellings villages. Churches and chapels with still well preserved
frescoes will be visited as well as Derinkuyu underground city. Comfortable pensions for overnight.

Days 6 to 12 / Mt Taurus:
Trekking in mountain setting. You will discover during 7 days impressive waterfalls, canyons with abrupt walls, mountain lakes, high plateaux, snow covered peaks rising up to more than 3500 m, deep gorges and finally you will meet the semi-nomads who go up to reach the freshness of the high meadows in order to graze their flocks. You will taste their traditional yoghurt based drink. Nights are spent under tents. Height: between 500 m - 1200 m.

Days 13 and 14 / Istanbul:
One and half days to discover this legendary city, old Constantinople, set on 2 continents.

Day 15 / Home:
Transfer to airport for return flight.

Favourable Season: Mid-June to end of September. Level: Medium, requiring a minimum of experience

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